IncentiMax™ provides a variety of powerful services for your company.

The following tools are engineered to make your company more efficient and productive.

Employment Branding

Whether they are internal or external, brands are meaningful. Companies with the strongest brands have the power to connect with, and attract, loyal clients and candidates. Our experts ensure that your unique culture is clearly and creatively expressed through your organization’s career site. It’s the perfect way to connect with candidates and provide them insights into your culture before they enter the application process.

Powerful Questionnaires

Create an ordered list of questions for each requisition to form a job-specific questionnaire which gets presented to applicants on your careers sites. By providing knock out questions, you can eliminate applicants who do not meet the requirements of the position. More than 10 different data field types can be used to create online questions. IncentiMax™ questionnaires are a great way to filter and screen your applicants.

Social Recruiting

Leverage social networks to achieve viral exposure for your jobs. Use social media to get the word out. Built in options for each job allow your recruiting team members, employees or fan page visitors to easily share jobs among their professional and personal networks.

Mass Email to Candidates

Say goodbye to tedious tasks like sending rejection emails to multiple applicants. With your candidates organized neatly in recruitment stages and our mass email feature, it couldn’t be easier. Combine this with custom templates and placeholder texts for personalizing the emails.


The manual onboarding process is not an efficient way to do business anymore. With our E-Onboarding solution we eliminate the paper process and provide automated technology so you can spend more time managing your workforce instead of shuffling and maintaining paperwork.

Automated WOTC Compliance Manager

Track how well your organization utilizes the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program using IncentiMax™ System’s built in compliance manager. Monitor your savings to date, who is eligible, how many work hours remain before the savings can be claimed and much more!

Recruiting Analytics & Reporting

Our new Recruiting Analytic Dashboards enable users to create custom, visual rich dashboards for the metrics they find most important. Recruiters can configure multiple dashboards with widgets that display information they use most often. This makes it easy to stay updated about what’s happening in your recruiting funnel and team.

Customizable Dashboards

Users can customize individual filters to create their own unique set of resources. By choosing the granularity of resources, the type of data and the type of representation, each user has the ability to obtain clear action plans that can be displayed on the very first page of the IncentiMax™ platform.

Multiple Customizable Portals

Receive multiple professional & customized portals with your own path name, logo and design for selected units, locations or divisions of your organization.

Workflow Tracking

Every company’s hiring needs are unique. With IncentiMax™ we provide a customizable workflow based on company or departmental processes.

Job Template Library

Easily create new requisitions from a library of pre-defined job templates. Use your existing job descriptions to pre-populate your job templates library.

Document Management

With our document management tool, the Administrator can configure the available new hire forms for each company and each unit of a company or per job order.

Multiple User Roles & Access Control

IncentiMax™ provides access to different pieces of information depending on the user’s role in the system. This access is based on Role Based Access Control (RBAC) under which roles can have overlapping responsibilities and privileges. RBAC technology enables users to perform a broad range of authorized operations and provides great flexibility and breadth in IncentiMax™.

SaaS | Built for the Cloud

Access your company information anywhere and anytime. IncentiMax™ utilizes the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This lets us update the system immediately, without any downloads or extra steps for you. Waiting long periods of time for fixes and releases are a thing of the past with MAX.

Data Security

IncentiMax™ provides a SECURE process for Document Submission and Data Storage. Data security and overall system availability are vital components to any successful outsourced application hosting service.

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