Many Employers Will Be Required to File ACA Returns Electronically to the IRS

While numerous employers continue to focus on providing their employees with 1095-C forms prior to the March 31, 2016 deadline, not as much attention has been placed on the IRS’ new ACA electronic filing system. Employers with over 250 ACA returns (those with over 250 1095-C’s) must file their 1095-C’s and the corresponding authoritative transmittal form, 1094-C, via the Affordable Care Act Information Return (AIR) system.  In order for an employer to become approved to transmit their returns via the AIR system, there are many complex steps that the employer has to follow.  This is by no means a simple feat and organizations who plan to take this on themselves should have a comprehensive understanding of what the process entails.

More information here, from Alden Bianchi, ACA expert and Practice Group Leader of Mintz Levin’s Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Practice and Kendra Strickland, Vice President-Strategic Planning illuminates the complexity of the AIR system.