Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Manage Affordable Care Act Compliance with ACA MAX

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires Applicable Large Employers (ALE’s) with 50 or more full time employees to provide health insurance or pay a tax penalty per each full time employee. Companies that are Applicable Large Employers must submit ACA reporting (1094-C and 1095-C forms) to the IRS on a yearly basis and provide 1095-C forms to their employees by January 31st each year.

MaxServices provides services and software that track, manage, and electronically file the various pieces of data that make up ACA compliance.  Let us help your company document offers of coverage for ACA compliance, produce 1095-C forms,  appeal future penalties, and take care of the numerous, painstaking details that make up this challenging law.

3 ACA MAX Solutions to Meet Your Needs

ACA MAX Compliance Pro

Tracking and reporting to provide employers with maximum ACA compliance. This solution provides tracking of important ACA data such as employees' hours and ACA classifications, affordability safe harbors for health insurance, dates of benefits offers and duration of coverage, and provides all required IRS reporting (1094-C and 1095-C form filings).

ACA MAX Prodigy

Reporting with Data Validation- AIRS filing and 1095-C generation for your employees based on data that requires processing within the IncentiMax™ system for form creation and formatting into a transmittable file. Prodigy is also capable of providing ACA reporting for COBRA covered individuals, non-employee coverage for retirees, and others as required for self-insured employers.

ACA MAX Aviator

Electronic 1094-C and 1095-C filing from the client’s prepared data that is transmitted by MaxServices to the Affordable Care Act Information Return system via User Interface in XML.  Let your files take flight directly to the AIRS system with MAX's ACA Aviator.

Pay or Play

Regardless of which strategy an employer chooses (Minimum Value Plan, Minimum Essential Coverage, or no plan at all) measuring the impact of ACA is a critical business task.  The IncentiMax™ system solution can calculate different cost scenarios by tracking employee hours, implement appropriate "look back" periods, identify personnel as "variable" or "non-variable" employees, record employees' offer, receipt or denial of Minimum Value or Minimum Essential Coverage, and more.

Whether a company opts to "pay or play",  ACA MAX software and services help businesses be prepared to minimize fines and ensure compliance. In addition, the solution can be easily paired with our Work Opportunity Tax Credit module to achieve ACA compliance and simultaneously offset some of the associated costs through tax credit capture.

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    What Makes MAX Different for ACA Compliance


    ACA Tracking Reports

    • Developed by a team of professionals with technology and workforce solutions expertise
    • Provides benefits eligibility tracking, automates health plan information distribution, and documents offers of health insurance
    • Configurable measurement periods
    • Transition Measurement Periods
    • Tracks new hires for their initial measurement period and concurrently track them during their standard measuring period (if applicable). The two periods may overlap
    • 100% compliant support of any payroll frequency (weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly)
    • Tracks all employee classifications including full time, part time, variable, seasonal and leave of absence


    ACA Employment Audit Trail Log

    • Supports special rules for staffing, hospitality, retail, and other high volume, high turnover workforces that take into account breaks in service (13 weeks, rule of parity)
    • Supports special unpaid leaves (FMLA, Jury Duty, Military)
    • Uses real Hire/Termination dates, not payroll assumptions


    Two Year Historical Calculations

    • Keeps track of status changes (part-time to full-time and vice-versa)
    • Detects incorrect classifications by staff and handles special situations (i.e. an employee with several/concurrent part-time assignments could total more than 30 hours per week and should be treated as a full time employee)
    • Provides email notifications and intelligent reporting for operational compliance
    • "b" Penalty Audit Trail Log to track, verify, audit and provide accurate information for appealing IRS penalties
    • Imports historical data for the purposes of providing Cost Projection Reporting to help you determine which may be the most advantageous ACA strategy (utilizing look back periods, MEC, or MV plans)


    IRS Compliance and Reporting Including 1095-C Forms

    • On-going updates to incorporate all future provisions of the ACA
    • Online employee portal to streamline the process to obtain all required employee forms and document offers of coverage with federal regulation approved e-signature
    • Modular stand alone platform functionality with client data imports
    • Modular platform that can integrate with other platforms and provide total client control and customized solutions
    • HRIS, Benefits Administration, ACA, E-Onboarding with WOTC providing client full control with eligibility status, hire date, end date and Tax Credit Savings
    • SaaS


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